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H-2b Lottery Complete for Additional Allotment of Visas

USCIS announced that it had exhausted the supplemental allotment of 15,000 seasonal worker visas authorized by DHS in May 2018. USCIS received sufficient employer petitions seeking the supplemental allotment within 5 days of the opening of the filing… Read More
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Trump Administration Third Travel Ban Takes Effect

The White House issued an indefinite Travel Ban through a Presidential Proclamation on September 24, 2017, with respect to 8 countries. The Supreme Court allowed the government to fully enforce the entry restrictions on December 4, 2017, and will rev… Read More
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White House Proposes Substantial Cuts to Legal Immigration in Exchange for Dreamer Protection

The White House released its Immigration Framework on January 25, 2018, which President Trump echoed in his State of the Union Address. In addition to increased funds for border security and “the wall,” the White House seeks legalization for DACA… Read More
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Temporary Protected Status Terminated for El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan

The Trump Administration has announced that it will terminate long-standing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations for citizens of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Sudan, but that it will extend TPS for Syria. Although the Administration is… Read More
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Unconfirmed draft of the State Department Employee Dissent Channel Memo

Here’s a copy of a “Dissent Channel” memo opposing the Trump Administration’s January 27 visa and refugee entry ban Executive Order. The memo has been circulating within the State Department and is apparently supported by seve… Read More
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Draft Executive Order Ending Some Visa Interview Waivers Would Be Bad News for U.S. Employers of Foreign Skilled Workers

A leaked draft presidential Executive Order (EO) entitled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals” would implement the “extreme vetting” President Trump has urged, and would potentially create substa… Read More
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