What classes of visa are available to entrepreneurs seeking to establish new businesses in the US?

Employment creation though entrepreneurship is a key consideration in formulation of US immigration policy. The law establishes both immigrant (permanent) and non-immigrant (temporary) visa classifications which permit foreign persons to establish business in the US. Permanent residency is available to persons investing $1 million in a new or reorganized business and committing to create ten new full time jobs within two years, (or in maintaining employment levels at troubled companies. The investment floor is reduced to $500,000 where the new business will be located in rural or high unemployment areas.

Non-immigrant treaty trader/investor visas are available to persons from countries which have entered treaties of friendship, commerce and navigation with the United States. These classifications require significantly lower capital commitments and reserve the option of later adjusting to permanent resident status. There are also circumstances in which an individual employed by a company in which he is an investor may enter the US to establish or operate a US affiliate.